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That was absolutely one of the greatest things I have ever laid eyes on.

This was the first pokemon parody I have laughed at in a while. It was super clever. Good Job.

I really want this series to do well. The problem is it is just not as funny as your shorts. The only part that made me laugh was when Plunderdog is in the cage with the other dog.

Anyway love your animation style, and I hope Plunderdog picks up. Also just came to the realization that your voice sounds a lot like Mordachi from Regular Show.

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I love people that don't even read the title of the game, and think this is made to be taken seriously.

Anyway, I love the humor. I hate playing all of these halfhearted games that just put these uncreative narratives over them, and everyone in the comments is like "Uhhh, soooo deeeep! 5 stars"

Still all of these awful clones spawned from very original games, that had very good stories, especially for flash games. Examples would be "The Company of Myself" and "Coma"

Anyway it was a very humorous game much like the first. I enjoyed playing it, and congratulations on the ArmorGames sponsorship.

You published the RPG Town Kit. You did nothing.

The concept for this game is so freakin' cool, but as mentioned by other reviewers, it is ruined due to how fragile the main character is. I had so many deaths where I had no idea why I died. That alone makes this game nearly unplayable.

One other thing I wasn't so fond of was going back to the level select screen after each level.

Anyway please make a game with this concept, but a little more playable, and you have your self a great, original game.

Sushin00 responds:

Thank you. I do agree, but for such a game it was quite hard to do phys damage correctly, and instead of something more advanced I settled on a model that deals damage to you based only on the speed of objects your colliding with, and yeah, it's not the best. I know -how- to calculate damage between two moving objects but I couldn't get it to work very well when I actually programmed it. I may revisit this game idea in the future when I'm more experienced, but for this project I was on a time limit.

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This is oozing 80's.

Also sort of sounds like something Passion Pit would make.

Good Job.

Michael-Flaherty responds:

Thanks man! Yeah, I definitely had sleepyhead in my mind while making this. And thanks in general for reviewing so many of my songs, I really appreciate it.

Neat. Nice to see you stepping out of your comfort zone. As ZipZipper said it was a generic guitar guy song up until the chorus. I wish you would really go overboard on your creativity and mixing abilities on your next song. Also your voice sounds a lot like Gotye (I like Gotye).

Michael-Flaherty responds:

I'll give that a shot

I can definitely hear the Banjo Kazooie influence. Probably my favorite game of all time. Also reminds me of the snowy level on Mario 64. Another solid loop OctoEntandre.

Michael-Flaherty responds:

Heck yeah, Banjo Kazooie is freaking amazing! ..and thanks for your comment

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Okay...That made me laugh. Awesome pun.

Brewster responds:

thunks bruh!

Hi...It seems as if you have stumbled upon my account. I make games...that is all.

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